Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PostgreSQL Process names on Solaris

PostgreSQL Processes are very few and countable like, writer process, wal writer proces,stats collector,autovacuum process,syslogger process,archiver process & daemon postmaster. If replication enabled then there will be wal sender & wal receiver process. In my trainings, I use to show process information by executing "ps -ef | grep postgres", but how could I show the same on Solaris. So, I checked with Solaris Documentation and found its very simple and easy to get the process names as linux.

In PostgreSQL documentaion, its said to use /usr/ucb/ps with -ww options to get process names instead of regular /usr/bin/ps, however most of the information are hidden by /usr/ucb/ps option as well. Lets see how to retrieve complete postgres process names in solaris.

Below are my postgres 9.1 instance processes on Solaris:
bash-3.00$ /usr/ucb/ps -awwx | grep postgres
  7778 ?        S  0:04 /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
  7779 ?        S  0:01 /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
  7780 ?        S  0:00 /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
  7781 ?        S  0:00 /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
  7776 pts/5    S  0:00 /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
More extended way with pargs:
bash-3.00$  pargs `/usr/ucb/ps -awwx | grep postgres | awk '{print $1}'`
7778:   /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
argv[0]: postgres: writer process  

7779:   /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
argv[0]: postgres: wal writer process  

7780:   /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
argv[0]: postgres: autovacuum launcher process  

7781:   /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
argv[0]: postgres: stats collector process  

7776:   /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres -D /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
argv[0]: /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/bin/64/postgres
argv[1]: -D
argv[2]: /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data
7776 is postmaster daemon process.
bash-3.00$ cat /Desktop/postgres/9.1-pgdg/data/postmaster.pid
  5432001  50331683
Though it seems simple I believe its worth to know :).



Johann 'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson said...

If you are using pargs, why not use pargs `pgrep postgres` directly?

Daniƫl van Eeden said...

instead of "grep something | awk '{ print $1 }'" you could try "awk '/something/ { print $1 }'"

Bruce Momjian said...

So our documentation is wrong now? Can you suggest a patch?

Raghavendra said...

Thanks for your comments. Yep, you can do it in that way as well. If you see any of my blogs, all commands are very basic. Intention is to keep very simple who are new to PG or OS.. :).

@ Bruce
Nope, documentation is pretty much correct. Sometimes using /usr/ucb/ps -auwwx won't display the process titles, for that we need to use extended approach like pargs on Solaris.

Thanks Bruce :)

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